Want to get your HVAC system ready for Spring? Here’s a few helpful tips for homeowners to get their system ready for warmer seasons.

Turn on the System

First things first, turn the air on for a while and ensure it’s cooling the house.This is the simplest way ensure it’s working correctly, especially the air conditioning. You don’t want the temperature to rise on a hot day, only to find out your unit needs repaired. 

Clean Around It

Don’t make your system work harder than it needs to. Clean debris, dust, leaves, and other items around the unit may be a potential problem, like your air conditioner not reaching it’s desired temperature or maintaining the comfort level 

Remember that no project is to small (or large) for Funk Electrical! 

Clean Ducts, Change Filters

Dirty ducts and filters not only restrict air flow, but they could also lead to the growth of mold. By ensuring you have proper duct cleaning or have replaced your old filters, you’re making sure cool air will flow through more smoothly,which prevents an increased utility bill from systems working too hard.

Repair any Issues

Routine maintenance is key for expanding the life of your unit. Our team is able to identify any problems your unit may have prior to needing it. You don’t want to run into an issue the moment they need to use their air conditioning or heating; having it checked out ahead of time can prevent this. 

Our team at Funk Electrical Services can help you with your maintenance and repairs to ensure your HVAC system is working right. We’ll recommend a maintenance schedule that fits you, as well as any services you may need.

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