Not sure when to call a service tech? This list will help you out!

7 Things to Check Before Calling a Service Tech

  1. Ifonly one circuit is out in the house, check breakers and GFI receptacles first to see if they are tripped.
  2. If the whole house is without power, check with neighbor to see if they are having the same problem.If so, call your power company to see if they have record of a power outage in your area.
  3. If you have a burning smell, call ASAP.
  4. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors on a regular basis.
  5. Check the batteries in your thermostat before the heating season or if the screen goes blank.
  6. Check the filters in your system.If they are dirty and restrict the air flow through the coils,  it will cause your system not to operate properly.
  7. If your system is froze up and its cold outside, turn the system into emergency heat so it thaws before the service tech gets there.  If it is hot outside, turn the blower fan to the on position but turn the system off.  If the system is froze up, the service tech cannot work on it until it is thawed out.