It’s finally starting to warm up outside which means Summer is right around the corner! Here are some useful tips for keeping your energy bills down this Spring and Summer! It’s all much more simple than you’d think!

1 – Upgrade Your Air Conditioner!

If you’ve had your air conditioner for ten years or more it might be the time to upgrade. Newer air conditioners and greatly cut cooling costs. When buying an air conditioner look out for the SEER and EER ratings. Higher ratings means higher efficiency.


2 – Ceiling Fans!

Use these over your air conditioner! Run them counterclockwise, pushing the air down towards you, and crack a few windows! It won’t actually drop the temperature any lower, but it’ll make you feel and your wallet feel cooler!


3 – Hot Air

Be sure to use the ventilation fan when you’re cooking at your stove. Try taking cooler showers and baths. Remember that humidity holds heat, so if there’s any steam be sure to keep those windows cracked! It may seem really hot outside, but the ventilation will do you wonders.


4 – Chores at Night

Remember that all those appliances create a lot of heat! Try to do all your dishwashing and laundry at night when it’s cooler. Also remember that you can use the outside heat to do your drying for you! Try hanging some of that laundry up outside.


5 – Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is really important because humid air holds heat better. However, it’s important to make sure the dehumidifier is the right size because if its too big it’ll end up costing rather than saving!


6 – Drink Lots of Water

Stay hydrated! Everything will seem much cooler if you drink regular glasses of ice water. Wearing light clothing and keeping hydrated is probably the most effective way of protecting your wallet from the heat. Remember that for each degree you lower the thermostat setting you can reduce costs by as much as three percent!